TGIS Socks

This was a Ravelry Knit-a-Long, by Yvette Noel, and other than the fact that the author really should re-post the pattern as a single pattern, instead of a series of “clues,” it was a fast and mostly-easy project.

The yarn is Cascade Heritage Prints in color 46 Camo.  It took me a few tries to get going (doesn’t it, always?) because I was using a needle size too large and it wasn’t working.  Once I got going, it moved fairly smoothly.

A rather time-consuming stopper came after I finished the first sock and started on the second.  Note that a single skein of yarn has 437 yards, which is more than enough for two socks (and I had plenty left over for another sock, maybe).  Unfortunately, I took this project with me when I traveled, and the yarn ball did not fare well over time.  Eventually, it tangled thoroughly enough that I had to stop and rewind the skein into a ball.  It took three evenings of mostly-patient tugging and winding.



Hanami Wrap

This was a very enjoyable project.  Hanami, by Melani Gibbons ($6.00 on Ravelry and worth it).  I only knit the “basket weave” portion of the project, rather than the entire “cherry blossoms” theme.

I used 5 balls in all of  Knitpicks Pallet Yarn in color Camel Heather.  It made a very generous wrap

As a bonus, the intended recipient was pleased.

Stashbuster Scarf

Two novelty yarns – one scarf. These yarns have languished in my stash for a good while. The red is an “eyelash” style yarn that never had much body and looked like a mass of fuzzy yarn. No shape, no style. The black is a larger size (thickness) yarn, and almost “too thick” to work up nicely. It also is sparkly. I don’t recall (nor admit to) purchasing either.

I was in the mood for something quick and easy and mindless – tax season is driving me crazy. As usual for me, I started it a few times before I managed something I liked.

So, “whatever-it-is” yearn in red and black, on a Size 10.5″ needle, cast on 12 stitches and garter stitch until done, then bind off loosely. There you go.

The scarf is longer than it looks – Moonbear has a very large neck.  It would work very well as a scarf for a coat.

The bear is “Moonbear,” which I made for my husband many “moons” ago, when we were first married. It still occupies a place in our bedroom. One of the eyes was a casualty of a child or dog along the way, but otherwise, it’s in pretty decent shape for being 30 years old. You can’t see the crescent moon on his chest because it is covered by the scarf.

Hanami (Modified)

Posting has been sparse, lately, due to day-job workload.  However, knitting continues, and I currently favor endless rhythm and repetition to relax in the evenings.

This is Hanami, by Melani Gibbons, $6.00 on Ravelry.  The full pattern is intended to be more ethereal and transitions from the basket weave you see below to an effect of cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.  I chose to stick with the basket weave pattern, and the yarn is more suited for a warm wrap.

Yarn is KnitPicks Palette line, in color Camel Heather.  This intended as a gift for someone that favors darker monotones, but it’s also something I would gladly keep for myself.  The yarn is comfortable, and the wrap will be warm without being heavy.

I want to make this a generous size, so I’ll probably use all 8 balls (231 yds/50 g).  I’ll share the final blocked size.  The yarn balls you see are the last two, so I’ll probably complete this project before the end of tax season (which is how I measure goals in the spring).

Hanami 1Hanami 2

Note about using a tablet for the pattern – this particular pattern is printed “small” on the document – I would be frustrated if I had printed it to paper.  By using a tablet, I can zoom into the pattern, which makes it much easier to follow.