Braided Beanie – Skills Project

Green in time for March!

I doubt that I will get this done while the weather is still cold (although, with the “polar vortex” weather we’ve had, you never know).  I have been working on it when I need a break from other projects.  I can only tolerate going ’round and ’round with socks for so long before I need something else to do.

This is a project to work on two skills – cabling and picking up stitches.  The Celtic cable brim is knit first, and then the stitches for the crown are picked up.

I would like to do more with Celtic cables – I like the look of them – and this is a good project to practice.  It’s also good practice in reading charts (not pictured).  I prefer charts to “written out” instructions, but the cable changes are so varied, it’s a challenge to keep track.

Braided Brim Beanie, from Creative Knitting, Winter, 2013.  I’m not sure about the yarn – it was in my stash and had no yarn band.

Braided Beanie WIP 02-20-2014 copy (Large)


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