Casting On – Hidden Hearts Sock

New sock yarn, new sock pattern, new technique for knitting socks!

Pattern is Hidden Heart Socks, by Jeannie Cartmel, found on Ravelry.  Be sure you check out other patterns by the same designer – she has a nice inventory of creative patterns.

Yarn is Berroco Comfort Sock, recently purchased at River Knits, my fav LYS.  What’s cool about this sock yarn is that it has enough yarn in one ball for two socks, and is very affordable.  The yarn content is 50% Nylon and 50% Acrylic, but the yarn is high-quality and easy to knit.

New techniques –

Turkish Cast-On with one circular needle, demonstrated by Browneyedbabs.  A very easy cast on method – possibly easier then Judy’s Magie Cast On (which uses DPNs).  The Turkish Cast On method usually recommends TWO circular needles, but I agree with Ms. Browneyedbabs that it’s easier to manage with one, and you don’t have to fuss with (or find) a second circular needle.

Knitted Sock with circular needle.   While not “never-tried,” as I used one long circular to finish Agnes’ Silk Stockings thigh-high socks for Younger Daughter, I’ve not tried using a single circular needle for the entirety of a regular pair of socks.  I rather like it – it seems to keep the sock yarn corralled better than managing 4 (or 5) DPNs, and I don’t have to worry about having more yarn than DPN length.  I’m not crazy about “resetting” the yarn on the needle from the cable every time.  I haven’t decided whether it’s faster than DPNs.  As you can see, I’m barely started on this project.


2016-08-22 07.22.15 (720x1280)A



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