Time to hang up the needles – Adidas to the rescue

Gee, with the “Knit while you wait store,” I no longer need to spend hours hand-knitting a garment.

Link to story:  Engadget:  Adidas will knit you a $200 sweater while you wait


Yarn Bomb Friday – Jessie Hemmons

From “Oh How Pinteresting,”

Knitting isn’t just about sweaters or mittens these days, and artist Jessie Hemmons knows that first hand. She is a yarnbomber—a guerilla knitting street artist—who uses yarn to create exhibits in public environments, such as a tree, statue, or even a VW bus.


Check out the full article at the link above, and also check out the link to Jessie’s website, Ishknits.  Her blog includes interviews with other yarn-bombers.

Favorite quote:  “Yarn bombing is more feminine.  It’s like graffiti with grandma sweaters.”