Blessings on Memorial Day


Brioche Cable Cowl Completed

Finally completed!  It took no fewer than four complete “do-overs” to get onto this pattern, but once it clicked, I completed it without too much difficulty.

Things to learn –

  1.  Needle size matters – use a larger needle size than recommended – you really want a loose knit on this project, both because of the type of project (a cowl needs a lot of give) and because of the double-knitting-like feel of the project.  While you are only ever knitting with one color per row,  the style is double-sided.
  2. Pay attention to stich count and transition between rows.  Because you ar changing colors at each round, the transition needs to be smooth so it doesn’t look messy.
  3. This pattern could have been written more clearly.  Instead of referring to the sample colors, the author would have made it easier to read by referring to MC (main color) and CC (contrast color).  I never did get that straight, and – until I finally caught onto the pattern – it was confusing.
  4. Start with something simple.  While I did swatches in the brioche knitting to figure out the technique, a two-color, in the round project was maybe not the best project to start with.

I am pleased with the result, however.  The Caron Simply Soft yarn is very soft, and the project is lofty and generous.

2017-02-04 08.53.43 (1280x720).jpg

Celtic Scarf Complete

This project almost failed.  I started it about 8 months ago (and posted information about it here).  I really liked the yarn (Blackstone Tweed in color 2607) and thought that the pattern set it off, nicely.  Unfortunately, I came the the end of the second ball and the scarf was not long enough – it maybe could be an ascot.   I find that style awkward, but I finished it, anyway, including the black I-Cord edging.

I wasn’t happy with it, however, and very disappointed that I couldn’t get more yarn (I looked – not only discontinued, but no stray balls out in the world).

Digging through my workbasket for another project, I came across another ball!  YAY!  I thought I had purchased more – and apparently I mislaid one in my basket, where it languished for several months.

I had to unravel most of the binding and open the end and figure out where I left off, but after a few hours of back-tracking, I was able to resume happy knitting of this enjoyable project and complete it to a more acceptable length.


Casting Off – Fanciful Rose Afghan

Finished and ready to be mailed to the new baby in the family!

Pattern is Fanciful Rose, from Leisure Arts, “Our Best Baby Afghans” book.  This is a terrific book for quick and lovely baby afghans.

Yarn is JoAnn’s Rainbow Classic – unfortunately, this yarn is discontinued, but I really like how the striping turned out.  It’s soft and perfect for baby – wash and wear!

Minor Annoyances – I had several more instances of “lost yarn” where the yarn was tied off out of pattern.  Not substantial, all-in-all, but does not boost my confidence in the yarn or manufacturer.  (That said, this is, after all, a mass-market yarn).


Blocking – Summer Bells Sweater

I’ve enjoyed knitting this project.  It seemed to go quickly, and I think the finished sweater will look nice on the intended recipient.  My one concern is that the sleeves will be too wide at the edge – the pattern shows no shaping (probably because of the decorative feature at the edge)

All pieces are blocked, and I am reminded, again, that my blocking mat is a bit too small, and I need more pins.

Next – assembly and knitting the neck band.

2016-08-22 10.21.08 (1280x720).jpg

Washing the pieces before blocking:  A bit of color seepage in the water.  Should I be concerned?

2016-08-22 07.27.23 (1280x720).jpg