TGIS Socks

This was a Ravelry Knit-a-Long, by Yvette Noel, and other than the fact that the author really should re-post the pattern as a single pattern, instead of a series of “clues,” it was a fast and mostly-easy project.

The yarn is Cascade Heritage Prints in color 46 Camo.  It took me a few tries to get going (doesn’t it, always?) because I was using a needle size too large and it wasn’t working.  Once I got going, it moved fairly smoothly.

A rather time-consuming stopper came after I finished the first sock and started on the second.  Note that a single skein of yarn has 437 yards, which is more than enough for two socks (and I had plenty left over for another sock, maybe).  Unfortunately, I took this project with me when I traveled, and the yarn ball did not fare well over time.  Eventually, it tangled thoroughly enough that I had to stop and rewind the skein into a ball.  It took three evenings of mostly-patient tugging and winding.