Lack of Posting does not mean lack of knitting

Stay tuned for more knitting posts, shortly.  For now, two two-cat pictures.  The grey cat on the chair is Iris, and she claims me.  The yellow tiger is – I think – Tigger, who lives across the road and is fed by my parents.  This is the first time that Tigger has visited our house, which is why I am not 100% convinced of his identity.  Iris was not impressed, though Tigger really wanted to be her friend.  Note – Iris could see through the mesh of the chair, and she kept a careful eye on Tigger.

2016-06-26 06.40.27 (1280x720).jpg2016-06-26 08.09.51 (1280x720).jpg


On the Interwebs – Footnotes: A Sockumentary

screenshot-2014-10-20-17-09-56-e1414705934689From the website:

Footnotes: A Sockumentary is a ridiculous web series that explores history from an unlikely perspective: socks.

What would the Founding Fathers’ socks say about them, literally? If George Washington’s socks were made in England, could they still have respect for him?

The Footnotes series combines the content of Drunk History and the format of Between Two Ferns with The Muppet Show’s whimsy and the educational value of Reading Rainbow.

This is a fun and educational website, intended for youth, but robust enough for adult amusement and enlightenment.

Check it out:

Footnotes:  A Sockumentary