Definition of Faith

Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see.  Hebrews 11:1, Contemporary English Version


Fast and Fun Knitting

Sometimes, I need a break from project knitting.  After the “great unwinding” of two projects, I took a break and dropped these two fast and easy projects off the needles in two evenings – one each night.  Both are “fun fur” from Lion Brand – the black is straight knitting, and the red is stockinette. (click image for larger view)

Catching Up

Catching Up

When last we talked about the Merino Lace Scarf and The Gardener Socks, I had sadly and completely unwound them both. While not quite back to the fateful state, both projects are coming along nicely. As an added bonus, I think both projects are better for the exercise, and I think I’ve built some character and added to the patience training.

It’s not ALL knitting

It's not ALL knitting

Before I learned to knit (which was about 6 years ago), I spent time with a variety of crafty hobbies – rubber stamping, sewing (carry-over from my 4H days) and cross-stitch. My grandmother – who made beautiful pieces – taught me to cross stitch right before I left home for college. She taught me to conceal my stitches in the back of the piece, to care for the fabric, and to make even stitches. She also taught me the little trick about separating the floss and an easy way to thread the needle.

I usually have a small piece going, which I take to seminars and workshops (or otherwise I would go crazy with restlessness). This piece is too large and too complicated to be portable, but on quiet Sunday afternoons, you might find me working on it. Very relaxing, almost Zen.