WIP September 10, 2012

Work in progress status report:

Despite how it looks, it will actually fit around the ankle. The cuff and leg is very stretchy, contrary to the foot part. Not sure why, and it make for an odd-looking sock.

The Garden Sock — have finished the heel (finally!) and am working up the leg with the vine pattern in front and the spider pattern in back.  Requires a little attention to detail so I don’t forget which chart I’m working on at any given time.

This project is an example of why I don’t try “two-at-a-time” sock projects.  One reason is that I like sock projects to be small and very portable projects.  I think I would be constantly fussing with the equipment if I tried the two-at-a-time method.  The second reason -which is borne out by this project – is that I can get the kinks worked out of a challenging pattern on the first sock, and I know that the second sock will be much faster and easier.  I think my inclination toward impatience would encourage me to cut corners or skip correcting mistakes if I was facing a two-at-a-time deal.

Merino Lace Scarf – almost back to where I unwound the project, and looks much nicer and neater.

Baby Afghan – more than half-way done.  As happens, the second skein was wound backwards in the pattern from the first from the factory — meaning that the progression of colors is opposite in the second skein.  I decided that this made an interesting center, with matching colors radiating from the middle (rather than continuing the pattern).  That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

Quick-And-Easy – Halloween green “fun fur” scarf.  This one I will be keeping – I have a Halloween presentation as a guest lecturer at a local college, and the scarf will go with my spooky theme in the presentation.


Star Wars Cello – The Piano Guys

Continuing with my Sci-Fi theme this week, check out this video from The Piano Guys –

In this hilarious Star Wars tribute, two Force-wielding cellists battle for musical supremacy using lightsabers instead of bows. The elaborate production required 24 hours of filming in front of a green screen and 72 audio tracks.

Projects in Process (aka WIP)

I have a short attention span; I admit it.  It’s probably why I am self-employed in the profession I’m in; I have multiple projects going at once, and I typically manage dozens of different tasks every day.

My knitting projects are the same way – I have several projects on needles at any given time, and the completion of one project necessitates the immediate commencement of another.  I also have projects that have languished on needles for years (literally!) that I really  need to do something with, some time.

Currently, I have two scarves, one set of socks, one hat, two afghans and one sweater in progress.  I also have one scarf, one shawl and one sweater in the “languishing” pile.

How many projects do YOU have in the WIP pile?