Adventures in Design – Houndstooth Vest

My best friend B has kindly indulged my knitting habit over the years (see previous posts), and on one excursion early in my knitting adventures, she purchased two skeins of lovely wool – one each in two colors – on the theory that I would knit a vest for her.  At the time, I knew my skills were not up to the task (and I told her), and over the intervening years, I’ve kept a file of vest patterns that might meet her requested design.  I’ve never found one that was “just right,” and I didn’t think my skills were up to the task of designing one.

As I finished other projects, and perused my yarn stash for inspiration, I found “her” yarn and started thinking and looking again.  I decided to experiment with two patterns – one for the two-color design, and one for the vest design.

Adventures in Design - Vest Detail 06-01-2014 copy (Large)
Detail View of stitch pattern

Something I rarely do (likely due to my general lack of patience), but which I am doing, now, is knitting a sample garment.  I have similar yarn (different colors), and I am experimenting with the pattern.  Below is my WIP – the back of the vest.

Vest Pattern:  Knit Vested & Stylish, free from Red Heart.

Yarn Pattern:  Robert’s Houndstooth Vest from Interweave Knits, Weekend 2009, available free through Ravelry.

Main project challenge:  Keeping the Houndstooth pattern on the front of the vest, where there are points and shaping.  I think I have it worked out in my head, but this is why I’m knitting a sample garment – Not everything in my head works out as planned in real life.

Adventures in Design - Vest 06-01-2014 (Large)