Knitted Bicycle “Flower Bike”

The Knitterati is a group of Atlanta knitters that adorn the fair Peach City with lovely and whimsical textile treasurers.   I would contemplate a vacation to that fair city for the sole purpose of seeking out such unexpected delights.

A fall project included this beautifully adorned bicycle incorporating wonderful detail in a garden theme to capture interest.  Check out a more thorough take on the project at the Sweet Peach


Knitterati – Adorning Reynoldstown

Yarn bombing is becoming popular form of textile instillation art.  This trend not only lifts knitting as an art form in its own right (and not “merely” a craft), it also provides the public with something interesting, eye-catching, colorful, and thought-provoking in unlikely but readily-accessible locations.

The Knitterati group installed an ambitious bridge project in Atlanta.  Click the picture below or the link to see more of their adventurous installations.

From Sweet Peach’s blog