Who Invented Knitting

As it happens, the history of knitting is somewhat obscure – artifacts have been discovered as far back as 1000 AD, but because of the fragile nature of textiles, it’s likely that the craft is older than that.  Interesting speculation suggests that it evolved from the Middle East, where language is read from right to left, because knitting is from right to left.

Learn more about the history of knitting at this interesting article on AllFreeKnitting.com2017-08-10 07.01.29 (1280x720).jpg:



My Knitted Boyfriend

Full marks for creativity.  A little worried about the lady’s social life.  I love the video.

This is the creation of artist and designer Noortje De Keuzer.   You can find more about her art (most of which is not knitted, but very imaginative) at her website:  Studio Noortje

Knitted Bicycle “Flower Bike”

The Knitterati is a group of Atlanta knitters that adorn the fair Peach City with lovely and whimsical textile treasurers.   I would contemplate a vacation to that fair city for the sole purpose of seeking out such unexpected delights.

A fall project included this beautifully adorned bicycle incorporating wonderful detail in a garden theme to capture interest.  Check out a more thorough take on the project at the Sweet Peach


Knitterati – Adorning Reynoldstown

Yarn bombing is becoming popular form of textile instillation art.  This trend not only lifts knitting as an art form in its own right (and not “merely” a craft), it also provides the public with something interesting, eye-catching, colorful, and thought-provoking in unlikely but readily-accessible locations.

The Knitterati group installed an ambitious bridge project in Atlanta.  Click the picture below or the link to see more of their adventurous installations.

From Sweet Peach’s blog