Blocking – Cable Embrace

I started this project in May 2016 (link to post).  while I really enjoyed the pattern and yarn, the project frequently was interrupted by other projects and priorities.  I think it languished for a year lacking only one sleeve.

Finally, perhaps prompted by the arctic weather the past few weeks, I pulled out the project, finished the sleeve, and am in the process of blocking and assembling.

The sweater is Cable Embrace, from Knit Picks.  This is a terrific, slightly-fitted cardigan sweater.  The chevron cables are a simple, but interesting, design element.  I modified the sleeves to echo the chevron design since I was put off a bit by the reverse-straight stitch sleeves in the pattern.

The yarn is also from Knit Picks – City Tweed DK in Brocade colorway.  I have been happy with the products from Knit Picks – good quality and good variety.

After blocking and assembly, the final phase is knitting the band around the neck and front and adding buttons.  The end is in sight.

Cable Embrace Blocked 2019-01-28.jpg



WIP – Leaf and Picot Cardigan Sleeve Redux

I was extremely pleased and relieved that the smaller sleeve unraveled easily, and knit back up well.  I was more careful this time, and had a blocked piece as a model.  This time, it worked out well, and the pieces match.  Whew.

2016-02-09 08.25.00 (1280x720)
Re-made sleeve on the left, blocked and pinned. First sleeve on the right, not pinned, so it looks a bit smaller

Time for final assembly!

WIP – Leaf and Picot Cardigan – Blocking Blues

I was dismayed when I blocked the sleeves – can you tell that they are different sizes?  I tried very hard to avoid that issue!  The sleeve on the left is a full inch shorter and an inch narrower than the sleeve on the right.

Fortunately, I have plenty of yarn, and can knit a new sleeve, if need be.  First, I’m going to try to unravel the smaller sleeve and rework it.  Unfortunately, the fiber is silk, and I expect that unraveling will not be an option, as the fibers will have started to felt together in the blocking process.

Also, fortunately, the rest of the project – blocking the front and back, and knitting the picot border, seem to be going well.  All we have here is a minor setback.  I hope.

Yes, I know that the right sleeve is wrong side up – It took me a while to figure out why the two sleeves looked different, besides the size.

Casting On – Minimalist Cardigan

OK, so I am allowed to change my mind.  The original sweater for older daughter, Jujuba Sweater, is not working out.  I started and unraveled it three times, and could not get it small enough for my daughter.  Also, the very loose-fitting pattern was going to be much too big, and I never really cared for it, anyway.

[Why is it that “specialty yarns” always have boring patterns — I can’t see how this entices folks to purchase the yarn.]

This is Berroco Lago yarn, which is a Rayon/Viscose linen yarn.  It’s a little slippery and has a bit of sheen to it.  Works up a bit like ribbon yarn, so doesn’t go with just any pattern.  The daughter picked it out, though, so I would like to knit something for her that she would actually wear.

Berroco really had nothing appealing in their pattern inventory that used this yarn.  I finally gave up and started looking around for something that might be adaptable, and found “Minimalist Cardigan” published in Interweave Knits, Fall 2007.   I think the drape  and moss knit pattern will work with this yarn, and it’s a fairly easy pattern (always a plus).

Tip – for slippery yarns that are likely to unravel and create a tangled mess, I put the yarn ball in a snack-sized zip bag.  It’s clear, so I can see the yarn, and corrals the yarn so it’s less likely for the yarn ball to fall apart.

Casting On - Minimalist Cardigan