WIP – Leaf and Picot Cardigan Sleeve Redux

I was extremely pleased and relieved that the smaller sleeve unraveled easily, and knit back up well.  I was more careful this time, and had a blocked piece as a model.  This time, it worked out well, and the pieces match.  Whew.

2016-02-09 08.25.00 (1280x720)
Re-made sleeve on the left, blocked and pinned. First sleeve on the right, not pinned, so it looks a bit smaller

Time for final assembly!


WIP – Leaf and Picot Cardigan – Blocking Blues

I was dismayed when I blocked the sleeves – can you tell that they are different sizes?  I tried very hard to avoid that issue!  The sleeve on the left is a full inch shorter and an inch narrower than the sleeve on the right.

Fortunately, I have plenty of yarn, and can knit a new sleeve, if need be.  First, I’m going to try to unravel the smaller sleeve and rework it.  Unfortunately, the fiber is silk, and I expect that unraveling will not be an option, as the fibers will have started to felt together in the blocking process.

Also, fortunately, the rest of the project – blocking the front and back, and knitting the picot border, seem to be going well.  All we have here is a minor setback.  I hope.

Yes, I know that the right sleeve is wrong side up – It took me a while to figure out why the two sleeves looked different, besides the size.

Casting On – Minimalist Cardigan

OK, so I am allowed to change my mind.  The original sweater for older daughter, Jujuba Sweater, is not working out.  I started and unraveled it three times, and could not get it small enough for my daughter.  Also, the very loose-fitting pattern was going to be much too big, and I never really cared for it, anyway.

[Why is it that “specialty yarns” always have boring patterns — I can’t see how this entices folks to purchase the yarn.]

This is Berroco Lago yarn, which is a Rayon/Viscose linen yarn.  It’s a little slippery and has a bit of sheen to it.  Works up a bit like ribbon yarn, so doesn’t go with just any pattern.  The daughter picked it out, though, so I would like to knit something for her that she would actually wear.

Berroco really had nothing appealing in their pattern inventory that used this yarn.  I finally gave up and started looking around for something that might be adaptable, and found “Minimalist Cardigan” published in Interweave Knits, Fall 2007.   I think the drape  and moss knit pattern will work with this yarn, and it’s a fairly easy pattern (always a plus).

Tip – for slippery yarns that are likely to unravel and create a tangled mess, I put the yarn ball in a snack-sized zip bag.  It’s clear, so I can see the yarn, and corrals the yarn so it’s less likely for the yarn ball to fall apart.

Casting On - Minimalist Cardigan