So Much Sock Yarn!

I spent a delightful Saturday afternoon last week playing in my craft closet, pulling out  yarn, sorting, and rediscovering what was in my stash.   I can’t stand to throw away anything that is marginally useful, but I was still amazed at how much sock yarn I pulled out!  I decided to organize it all in a box, on the theory that I might be better able to figure out what to do with it, someday.

Before and after – and if you look carefully, you can see that I found more yarn after I took the first picture.

Yes, that’s the little Mr. Lawrence checking out the yarn.

My Grandma

A terrific piece by my cousin, honoring her grandmother, who is also my great-aunt. Thanks, Lara!

Lara S. Chase

Grandma's 90th birthdayI was in Indiana this week to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  She is a remarkable woman, and the occasion had me reflecting on just what I had always admired about her.

Grandma has always been so alive, so possessed of a zeal for living.  I believe this comes from a wonderful fearlessness, or at least to someone like me who is given to hand-wringing, what appears to be fearlessness.  Perhaps trying new things scares the dickens out of her, but it has never appeared so to me.

Even as a child, I recognized a boldness in her that I envied.  With great patience she steered me through not one, but three 4-H sewing projects.  I hesitated over every scissor snip and pin placement.  Grandma fed material through the sewing machine at dizzying speeds, and I felt the way she floored the serger was criminal.  Granted, she had decades of…

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