Cross Stitch Interlude

Listen to Your Heart is completed.  I pulled the project out of my cross stitch WIP box, and concluded that I was done.  I decided that the lettering on the pattern was not what I was after, and I reworked it with a simple “This is the Day” phrase.

Now – for framing.  This is the hardest part of cross stitch for me.  I am terrible at coordinating colors and mats, and usually don’t get much help from the folks at the frame shop.



Listen to Your Heart (Cross Stitch)

This project is nearly complete, except for the lettering and a little outlining (and finishing the fabric, and matting, and framing).  I like the collage and “natural” feel to this piece.  The copyright date on this piece is 2001, so I’ve probably been working on it for 10 years – exclusively at continuing ed seminars.

Listen to Your Heart 2015-02-02 (Large)

Teec Nos Pos Update (Cross stitch)

Another Cross Stitch Update – Yes, this is a KNITTING blog, but since I also like cross stitch (though I don’t spend much time at it), this is an opportunity for me to watch my progress on that front, too.

Status as of December, 2014, law seminar, which is when I usually work this piece.  Helps me focus on the speakers and keeps me from being wiggly in the uncomfortable seats of the conference halls.

Tee Nos Pos 2015-02-02Below are two previous photos – both from 2013, so it’s been a while since I’ve updated this project, and progress is slow.   The center fold is about the half-way point for the image.

Teec Nos Pos Update

Cross Stitch Update – Just a quick status picture.  I typically work on cross stitch projects only at conferences, and the last conference I attended (where I could work cross stitch, anyway – not all venues are conducive to this kind of thing) was in June.

Teec Nos Pos 12-13-13 copy (Large)Until I started keeping track of my knitting through pictures, I didn’t keep track of cross stitch – it is certainly gratifying to see progress.  Cross stitch is slow work – this represents about five hours of moderate stitching (I did have to pay attention to the presenters, after all)

Teec Nos Pos (Large)

Projects on the Go (or “on the Waiting”)

Spent some time with B last week between continuing education conferences.  She had a meeting in the evening before we went to dinner, so I said I would go with her and just knit and wait.

I don’t usually “knit-and-wait,” so this was a new experience for me.   Other than the extremely hard bench I was sitting on, it was rather relaxing, and a pleasant way to spend the time.  Oh, and I was able to capture a better picture of the WIP – Diamond Stole.


My usual “conference project” is cross stitch.  I’ve always been afraid that if I took knitting, I would lose my place when I had to turn my attention to the speaker, or jot down a note, or what-not.  Also, I’ve been cross stitching a lot longer than I’ve been knitting, so the cross stitch habit was well-engrained.  And, it makes a nice change from knitting.

The current “conference project” is the second of three Navajo rug reproductions I picked up on a trip to the Grand Canyon.  I love the colors and the geometric shapes.  It’s a smallish project which I can hold in my hand – I don’t like to use hoops for smaller projects.  The name is “Teec Nos Pos,” which is the name of a Navajo community in Arizona.  I don’t think the kit or chart is available commercially, but I haven’t looked.

Teec Nos Pos (Large)