Handwarmer Hacks

Not knitting, but both interesting and useful.  Normally, I find “lifestyle hacks” videos a tiny bit lame, but this is an exception – particularly if you live in a cold climate.


Who Invented Knitting

As it happens, the history of knitting is somewhat obscure – artifacts have been discovered as far back as 1000 AD, but because of the fragile nature of textiles, it’s likely that the craft is older than that.  Interesting speculation suggests that it evolved from the Middle East, where language is read from right to left, because knitting is from right to left.

Learn more about the history of knitting at this interesting article on AllFreeKnitting.com2017-08-10 07.01.29 (1280x720).jpg:


Adventures in Design – Houndstooth Vest

My best friend B has kindly indulged my knitting habit over the years (see previous posts), and on one excursion early in my knitting adventures, she purchased two skeins of lovely wool – one each in two colors – on the theory that I would knit a vest for her.  At the time, I knew my skills were not up to the task (and I told her), and over the intervening years, I’ve kept a file of vest patterns that might meet her requested design.  I’ve never found one that was “just right,” and I didn’t think my skills were up to the task of designing one.

As I finished other projects, and perused my yarn stash for inspiration, I found “her” yarn and started thinking and looking again.  I decided to experiment with two patterns – one for the two-color design, and one for the vest design.

Adventures in Design - Vest Detail 06-01-2014 copy (Large)
Detail View of stitch pattern

Something I rarely do (likely due to my general lack of patience), but which I am doing, now, is knitting a sample garment.  I have similar yarn (different colors), and I am experimenting with the pattern.  Below is my WIP – the back of the vest.

Vest Pattern:  Knit Vested & Stylish, free from Red Heart.

Yarn Pattern:  Robert’s Houndstooth Vest from Interweave Knits, Weekend 2009, available free through Ravelry.

Main project challenge:  Keeping the Houndstooth pattern on the front of the vest, where there are points and shaping.  I think I have it worked out in my head, but this is why I’m knitting a sample garment – Not everything in my head works out as planned in real life.

Adventures in Design - Vest 06-01-2014 (Large)