Dr Who Logo

This was so much fun and went so fast that there was no casting on or WIP photo.

This is the 11th Doctor Who logo – the source design of which captured my fancy when I first saw it.  Kudos to knit designer Jenn Bragg for a terrific quick project.

Design:  11th Doctor Who Dishcloth, free on Ravelry, by Jenn Bragg

Yarn:  Lily Sugar’n Cream in color Denim

Dr Who Cloth 10-22-13 (Large)(Needs blocked)  Daughter #1 said that it needs to be in a different color.  Navy might be more in keeping with the theme.


Tardis Modeled

I promised I would show a modeled version of the “Bigger on the Inside” shawl, and here it is.  I really like how the shawl/scarf turned out.  Thanks to Kate Atherley for the design, found in Knitty Spring/Summer 12.  Modeled by Daughter #1.

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Tardis WIP April

The Tardis Shawl is coming along.  My one regret is that I really should have used a larger needle, but I used what was recommended in the pattern, and I’m not going back now.  Let’s hope it blocks to a better drape than it seems to want, right now.

Pattern is from Knitty, “Bigger on the Inside” and yarn is Beroco Comfort Sock in Navy.  This is a shawl knit sideways for the lacy part and lengthwise for the Tardis pattern.  Thoroughly enjoyable – challenging, but not too difficult.

Two photos – one of the entire piece with a detail shot where you can see the Tardis emerging.  The yarn is very dark, so it’s hard to see the pattern on the overview photo.

Tardis WIP 04-19-13 (Medium) Tardis Detail 04-19-13 (Medium)

Casting On – Bigger on the Inside Shawl

While I really should be working on another baby afghan, I need a brake from the monotony (besides, I am in the middle of one – more on that, later), so I’ve cast on not one, but three new projects, the first of which is below:

Bigger on the Inside, featured in Knitty Spring and Summer, 2012, with Berroco Comfort Sock yarn in Navy

So far, this is a lot of fun.  The lace part is very rhythmic and appeals to my sense of symmetry.  I can hardly wait to get to the Tardis part!

Wishlist – Sci fi adventures

I have two, 2″ 3-ring binders full of patterns that I am interested in, not to mention all the digital patterns on my tablet device through DropBox.  Every time I see something interesting, I must mark it in hopes that I’ll “eventually” get to it.  The pattern below has made it to that list, and I might already have the yarn for it, though it is a dark navy instead of the royal blue. I’ll have to think about that.

Along the theme of “knitted sci fi” (which, if I keep this up will get its own category) is the “Bigger on the Inside” Shawl from Knitty.

Knitty is a 10-year-old, on-line only, knitting magazine full of patterns, articles, tips and tricks.  The patterns are always the next step in edgy, and have a nice range from easy to extremely difficult (in Knitty parlance, it is mellow to extra spicy).  If you have never checked it out, it is well worth the visit. If you are more into (or also into) spinning, Knitty has a companion publication, KnittySpin.