Chicken Sweaters

So, this is a thing….

How to Knit Chicken Sweaters

If you do a Google Image search for “Chicken Sweaters,” this is a partial result of what you find:


I’m not judging.  I know nothing about chickens and their need for sweaters.


Lack of Posting does not mean lack of knitting

Stay tuned for more knitting posts, shortly.  For now, two two-cat pictures.  The grey cat on the chair is Iris, and she claims me.  The yellow tiger is – I think – Tigger, who lives across the road and is fed by my parents.  This is the first time that Tigger has visited our house, which is why I am not 100% convinced of his identity.  Iris was not impressed, though Tigger really wanted to be her friend.  Note – Iris could see through the mesh of the chair, and she kept a careful eye on Tigger.

2016-06-26 06.40.27 (1280x720).jpg2016-06-26 08.09.51 (1280x720).jpg


How Long to Nap

My husband sent me this one – he knows me well.  I tend to take 10 minute catnaps, which serve to “reboot” my brain and clear out a few cobwebs so I can make it through the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to nap every day…But Sunday afternoons are definitely reserved for the full-on nap, and woe betide the one that calls during the sacred Sunday afternoon nap time.


Dr Who Logo

This was so much fun and went so fast that there was no casting on or WIP photo.

This is the 11th Doctor Who logo – the source design of which captured my fancy when I first saw it.  Kudos to knit designer Jenn Bragg for a terrific quick project.

Design:  11th Doctor Who Dishcloth, free on Ravelry, by Jenn Bragg

Yarn:  Lily Sugar’n Cream in color Denim

Dr Who Cloth 10-22-13 (Large)(Needs blocked)  Daughter #1 said that it needs to be in a different color.  Navy might be more in keeping with the theme.