Handwarmer Hacks

Not knitting, but both interesting and useful.  Normally, I find “lifestyle hacks” videos a tiny bit lame, but this is an exception – particularly if you live in a cold climate.


Chicken Sweaters

So, this is a thing….

How to Knit Chicken Sweaters

If you do a Google Image search for “Chicken Sweaters,” this is a partial result of what you find:


I’m not judging.  I know nothing about chickens and their need for sweaters.

Lack of Posting does not mean lack of knitting

Stay tuned for more knitting posts, shortly.  For now, two two-cat pictures.  The grey cat on the chair is Iris, and she claims me.  The yellow tiger is – I think – Tigger, who lives across the road and is fed by my parents.  This is the first time that Tigger has visited our house, which is why I am not 100% convinced of his identity.  Iris was not impressed, though Tigger really wanted to be her friend.  Note – Iris could see through the mesh of the chair, and she kept a careful eye on Tigger.

2016-06-26 06.40.27 (1280x720).jpg2016-06-26 08.09.51 (1280x720).jpg


How Long to Nap

My husband sent me this one – he knows me well.  I tend to take 10 minute catnaps, which serve to “reboot” my brain and clear out a few cobwebs so I can make it through the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to nap every day…But Sunday afternoons are definitely reserved for the full-on nap, and woe betide the one that calls during the sacred Sunday afternoon nap time.