Wrapped Diamond Stole – WIP Update

This is a project that I’ve been working on for a while, but has been sitting, neglected, lately.  I started it in May, 2013, and have used it as an “interlude” project when I need a break from other things.  Up until now, the chart has been something of a challenge, and I spent a fair amount of time “unknitting” when I got off count.

I picked it up again this week, however, and noticed that I moved through the pattern much more quickly and smoothly, and wondered what I thought was so hard.  Maybe other projects have “trained” me to be more comfortable with this one?  Hard to say.

This is a lace-weight yarn, and I’m still on the first skein.  But, progress is being made, and I’m enjoying the journey.

Project:  Wrapped Diamonds Stole, from Creative Knitting, March 2009.

Yarn:  Patons Lace in color Sachet.  Widely available from most yarn large-house yarn dealers.

Wrapped Diamond Stole WIP 02-22-2013 (Large)