WIP -Summer Bells Sweater

Summer Bells Sweater is assembled – all that’s left is the front band and buttons.  I’m looking forward to seeing it modeled!



WIP – Summer Bells Sweater

This project is going fairly quickly, and seems to be working up nicely.  I’m also learning a few tricks along the way:

  1. When you have X number of “every row” or “every-other-row” decreases (along the neckline, at the sleeve/armscye), put a stitch marker X stitches into the row to know when to stop decreases.
  2. When you have decreases “every X” rows, put a stitch along the edge at each decrease to keep track of intervals and quantities.

Back, Left and Right Front, and one sleeve finished. Second sleeve well on its way to completion.  I did a conceptual test-fitting on my daughter (who is also petite) to check that the length was right and to be sure that the “smaller-than-me” size would fit.

2016-08-19 07.04.56 (1280x720)
Knitting nearly complete.  Next up – blocking and assembly.

Summer Bells Sweater

Something for my Mom – she really like purple.  This is a medium-weight sweater (despite the name – I think my choice of yarn might have something to do with it).

Summer Bells Sweater is from Creative Knitting Magazine, May 2010, this is a 3/4 sleeve, slightly below-waist sweater that will suit my Mother’s petite frame.  The “bells” at the hemline and sleeves add a feminine touch.

Yarn is (again) KnitPicks, this time their Swish DK yarn, 100% superwash Merino Wool, in color Amethyst Heather.

I made several swatches, because I was having trouble getting gauge.  I think I finally went a needle smaller than the yarn band recommend, but which is consistent with the pattern (go figure – I thought the yarn was a heavier weight).

This is a little darker in color than I expected, but I think it will work.  I also think it will look a lot better when blocked.

2016-07-19 06.36.02 (1280x1080)2016-07-19 06.36.10 (1280x1075)

Casting On – Cable Embrace

New sweater project:  Cable Embrace, from KnitPicks.  I really like tweed yarn, and I especially like the tweed yarn from KnitPicks.

Unusual for me, I purchase the yarn and pattern together, and the yarn with the pattern in mind, and started knitting, as soon as I received it.

Yarn is City Tweed DK, in color Brocade.

I am enjoying the pattern, with the diagonal cable lines.

Back is complete (on the left).  Right side is at the arm and neck decreases.
2016-05-06 08.00.18 (1280x720)

Cable Embrace Model
Completed and modeled garment by KnitPicks

Picking Up Stitches – Leaf and Picot Cardigan

It’s been more than a year since I picked up this project.  (See, Casting On – Leaf and Picot Cardigan). I’ve been distracted with afghans and socks and a few shawls (and my day job), so I didn’t want to work on a project that required a bit more focus.  I stopped this project on the sweater back a few inches before the arm shaping, thinking that I need more patience and focus to continue.

Apparently, all that learning new stitches with the Aran Afghan and Great North American Afghan has provided a bit of training – when I picked up the sweater recently, it did not seem nearly as challenging, and is quite enjoyable to knit.

Here, then, is the back.  Unfortunately, the lighting does not do the fabric justice – the yarn is a lovely teal silk with varied width, which make for a nice texture on top of the leaf pattern.

Right front is on the needles and underway.  2015-07-23 19.59.41 (765x1024)