Casting On – Bent’s Fort Cardigan

Bent’s Fort Cardigan is a bottom-up, one-piece (mostly) swing-style cardigan sweater. It has a stylish design, with honeycomb stitching as a lower border, sleeve cuffs and lapels, and a southwest mosaic design throughout the body. I recommend that you check out the photos at the link – this is really a stunning piece.

Yarn is Knit-Picks Gloss DK in color Black (70% Merino/30% silk) and Lunabud Buddy (75% Superwash Corriedale Wool and 25% Nylon) in color Gleba, knit with two strands at once. Lunabud a fiber artist who spins and dyes yarn. I picked this up in Southern Indiana at one of the few yarn events I’ve attended.

The multi-colored yarn looks completely different in the garment from on the hank.
  • Things I’m learning:
  • (1) Stitch markers are a must to keep track of where I am in the repeat (I drew lines on the chart at 10-stitch intervals to help with counting. – Interweave, are you listening? This would be very helpful for complicated charts.)
  • (2) I need to allow plenty of time to complete a row – at least 20 minutes, one way
  • (3) I need to have plenty of light to see what I’m doing. It’s challenging to knit with black! For Christmas, my husband gave me a rechargable LEDGLE LED lamp that hangs around my neck. I would not be able to knit this without direct lighting.

Blocking – Cable Embrace

I started this project in May 2016 (link to post).  while I really enjoyed the pattern and yarn, the project frequently was interrupted by other projects and priorities.  I think it languished for a year lacking only one sleeve.

Finally, perhaps prompted by the arctic weather the past few weeks, I pulled out the project, finished the sleeve, and am in the process of blocking and assembling.

The sweater is Cable Embrace, from Knit Picks.  This is a terrific, slightly-fitted cardigan sweater.  The chevron cables are a simple, but interesting, design element.  I modified the sleeves to echo the chevron design since I was put off a bit by the reverse-straight stitch sleeves in the pattern.

The yarn is also from Knit Picks – City Tweed DK in Brocade colorway.  I have been happy with the products from Knit Picks – good quality and good variety.

After blocking and assembly, the final phase is knitting the band around the neck and front and adding buttons.  The end is in sight.

Cable Embrace Blocked 2019-01-28.jpg


WIP – Summer Bells Sweater

This project is going fairly quickly, and seems to be working up nicely.  I’m also learning a few tricks along the way:

  1. When you have X number of “every row” or “every-other-row” decreases (along the neckline, at the sleeve/armscye), put a stitch marker X stitches into the row to know when to stop decreases.
  2. When you have decreases “every X” rows, put a stitch along the edge at each decrease to keep track of intervals and quantities.

Back, Left and Right Front, and one sleeve finished. Second sleeve well on its way to completion.  I did a conceptual test-fitting on my daughter (who is also petite) to check that the length was right and to be sure that the “smaller-than-me” size would fit.

2016-08-19 07.04.56 (1280x720)
Knitting nearly complete.  Next up – blocking and assembly.

Summer Bells Sweater

Something for my Mom – she really like purple.  This is a medium-weight sweater (despite the name – I think my choice of yarn might have something to do with it).

Summer Bells Sweater is from Creative Knitting Magazine, May 2010, this is a 3/4 sleeve, slightly below-waist sweater that will suit my Mother’s petite frame.  The “bells” at the hemline and sleeves add a feminine touch.

Yarn is (again) KnitPicks, this time their Swish DK yarn, 100% superwash Merino Wool, in color Amethyst Heather.

I made several swatches, because I was having trouble getting gauge.  I think I finally went a needle smaller than the yarn band recommend, but which is consistent with the pattern (go figure – I thought the yarn was a heavier weight).

This is a little darker in color than I expected, but I think it will work.  I also think it will look a lot better when blocked.

2016-07-19 06.36.02 (1280x1080)2016-07-19 06.36.10 (1280x1075)

Casting On – Cable Embrace

New sweater project:  Cable Embrace, from KnitPicks.  I really like tweed yarn, and I especially like the tweed yarn from KnitPicks.

Unusual for me, I purchase the yarn and pattern together, and the yarn with the pattern in mind, and started knitting, as soon as I received it.

Yarn is City Tweed DK, in color Brocade.

I am enjoying the pattern, with the diagonal cable lines.

Back is complete (on the left).  Right side is at the arm and neck decreases.
2016-05-06 08.00.18 (1280x720)

Cable Embrace Model
Completed and modeled garment by KnitPicks