Casting On- New Techniques- Palatki Wrap

When I travel, I try to find and visit local yarn shops to see what is being manufactured (or dyed) locally.  On our December trip to Sedona, AZ (one of my favorite spots for hiking!) I visited Sedona Knit Wits and was not disappointed.

The store is typical of most LYS I visit when traveling – a small shop in a strip mall.  Like most, it had a “knitting table” where knitting groups or classes can congregate.  This table was right inside the front door and was full of ladies knitting and chatting.  The store is well stocked and very welcoming, with a knowledgable sales person ready to answer any questions.  If you are ever in Sedona – don’t miss this stop!

The yarn is Desert Bloom Yarn, an Arizona-dyed yarn that is named for the local flora and culture.  The colors are Indian Blanket (the brown with red tones) and Ironwood (the grey).  Unfortunately, the day the picture was taken was dark and cloudy, so the artificial light makes the brown look more orange, and the dark grey looks more brown.  The yarn is fingering and works up to a very soft and drapey fabric.  I look forward to the blocked finished project.

The pattern is Palatki Wrap, by Sandra Butler, available for purchase from Ravelry.  Not only was there a sample in the store which immediately caught my eye, but the designer herself was knitting with the group at the table!  Talk about your local culture!

This wrap is knit in mosaic style, with the pattern color changes made with slipped stitches.  It is a very easy, fast, and enjoyable technique, and this particular pattern is soothing and rhythmic to knit.  I’m enjoying this so much that I  regret not trying this technique earlier.

Palatki Wrap 2019-02-01.jpg

Come to Sedona for the view – stay for the knitting!  Sedona Trail Hiking.jpg


Vacation Knitting – Simple Shawl

The Spouse and I took a long weekend in Cozumel.  It was nice to get away from the arctic blast that is settled across the Midwest.

Below is a simple shawl I worked on while on vacation – Not much to it; just something to keep my hands busy while enjoying the warm weather.  You can see the ocean and palm trees in the background.  Aaaahhhhh.

My zen state was completely disrupted when going through security in the Cozumel airport – on the way home.  I had this knitting in my carry-on, and it was intercepted!  I’ve never had knitting questioned when taking it through security for air travel.  I was astonished that they had a problem with it – the Size 11 needles were hardly “sharp,” but they were metal, so maybe that’s what got it flagged.  I was afraid that I would lose them  forever to the never-ending pile of “contraband” items, but my wonderful spouse had an extra bag on him and we were able to check it through to our final destination (WHEW).  Of course, this meant that I had a flight with no knitting, but at least I had a book to read.

Pattern – None – I made it up.  Cast on 5 stitches, and for each right-side row, I increased via yarn-over at each end, and then on each side of the center stitch.  After a while, I decided I needed more variety, so I added lace rows of YO-K2TG.

Yarn – Purl Essence Rosario Multi Yarn in color Turquoise (you can’t tell from the pictures, but it is really turquoise.  The yarn is a brand of JoAnn Fabrics, and one I purchased a long time ago, but never quite managed to do anything with it.

The last picture shows the shawl blocked on the my Christmas Present from my Mom:  Bag Smith from Block & Roll.  This is the first time that I had a chance to use it, and it is terrific!  It fits exactly on my worktable (though, for this piece, my worktable was otherwise occupied)