WIP – Blue Heron – Fifty-Fifty

Another slow-going project, the Fifty-Fifty tank with Blue Heron yarn.  This is lace-weight yarn, with many stitches per inch and add to that, knit in the round, and you have a project that goes ’round and ’round and ’round, and doesn’t seem to gain much length.

Another project that seems to be knitting up larger than expected.  I’ve gone back to read about gauge and blocking, to see if I’m missing something when I convert patterns to yarn (or vice-versa).  Still too early to tell.


Blue Heron – Fifty Fifty

I’m going to say this very quietly for fear of jinxing the project – I have finally found a pattern that will work with the Blue Heron Lace yarn.  After about five swatches, and two false starts (both of which were abandoned when I realized that the gauge I was getting was miles too big), I think I finally have a gauge and pattern that works with the yarn.  At least, confidence enough to post the start photo.

Yarn:  Blue Heron Cotton Rayon Twist Lace in color Slate.  I must chide the people at Blue Heron for their utter lack of guidance on the yarn label – the hank only had information about yardage – no weight, no recommended needle size, nothing.  Fortunately, I found more information on their website, which helped to calculate what might work in a pattern.  While I have more than 10 years in knitting, it still took a lot of experimentation to determine the yarn weight and gauge and the appropriate garment to match.

Pattern:  Fifty Fifty by Laura Cunitz, published in Knitty Spring 2014.

2016-05-27 09.28.54 (1280x720)
Lower left – another failed swatch.  I liked the pattern, but could not get a small enough gauge to make it work.  

[I did not realize until I set up the photo that the model garment color is close to the version I’m making.]