Yarn Bomb Friday – Jessie Hemmons

From “Oh How Pinteresting,”

Knitting isn’t just about sweaters or mittens these days, and artist Jessie Hemmons knows that first hand. She is a yarnbomber—a guerilla knitting street artist—who uses yarn to create exhibits in public environments, such as a tree, statue, or even a VW bus.


Check out the full article at the link above, and also check out the link to Jessie’s website, Ishknits.  Her blog includes interviews with other yarn-bombers.

Favorite quote:  “Yarn bombing is more feminine.  It’s like graffiti with grandma sweaters.”


Traveling in Style

This is part of an art installation in Miami by the art group SCOPE.  The artist is a New York artist named Olek.  I think this piece was part of a 2010 art show called, “Knitting is for Puss***,” though I can’t find a lot of detail about it.










In yarn bomb pieces, it I’ve noticed that the same style of yarn is frequently used – this pink-camo yarn that seems like it would be completely awful for garment knitting.  Coincidence?

Knit the Bridge – Pittsburgh

In August, the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittburgh was Yarn Bombed by the Knit the Bridge group, a team of more than 250 volunteers that crowd-funded $100,000 to raise money to complete the project.  The installation was billed as the largest knitting installation in the US.

Knit the Bridge o-YARN-570














Catch the full article from the Huffington Post website and view the video.

If you can wait through the commercials, there is also a cool 60-second bit about a marathon runner that knit while he runs.  Talk about extreme knitting!





Knitted Bicycle “Flower Bike”

The Knitterati is a group of Atlanta knitters that adorn the fair Peach City with lovely and whimsical textile treasurers.   I would contemplate a vacation to that fair city for the sole purpose of seeking out such unexpected delights.

A fall project included this beautifully adorned bicycle incorporating wonderful detail in a garden theme to capture interest.  Check out a more thorough take on the project at the Sweet Peach


Ode to A Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is such a whimsical expression of the art. Check out the full post and enjoy a few minutes escape from the world.

All She Wants To Do Is Knit


I met a Raveller from an antique land

Who said: ‘Two vast and trunkless* legs of bronze

Stand in the town square. Above them, on the man,

Half shrunk, a soggy sweater clings, whose size,

And gathered hip, and fitted wrist band

Tell that its knitter well those contours read.

Which yet survive, draped about these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them while the town was in bed.

And on its breast these intarsia’d words appear –

“My name is Knittymandias, king of kings:

Look on these crafty works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal turtleneck, littered everywhere

The scattered strands of  yarn stretch far away.’

*Not wearing pants

A shameless rip-off of Ozymandias, by Percy Bysshe Shelley


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Knitterati – Adorning Reynoldstown

Yarn bombing is becoming popular form of textile instillation art.  This trend not only lifts knitting as an art form in its own right (and not “merely” a craft), it also provides the public with something interesting, eye-catching, colorful, and thought-provoking in unlikely but readily-accessible locations.

The Knitterati group installed an ambitious bridge project in Atlanta.  Click the picture below or the link to see more of their adventurous installations.

From Sweet Peach’s blog